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    Libby Sheppard, Personal Training and Sports Massage

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  • One-to-One Training

    I offer 1-2-1 training in the comfort of your own home, a convenient open space or at my home studio in Tufnell Park, North London.
    Individual sessions can be great as a once-a-week booster to your motivation or as a more regular feature to help get you over those first few hurdles!

    Your initial consultation is free of charge and is essential in making sure we're on the same page so we can work effectively and Train Happy!

    Couples Training

    I specialise in working with couples; training with your partner can be a fantastic way of keeping you both motivated, and also a really special way to spend a quality hour together away from work, away from the kids, away from all the other things we have to worry about in our day to day lives! I love seeing couples reconnect and discover new strengths, hidden talents and characteristics about each other during sessions.

    Group Training

    Who's in your group? Perhaps you're a harem of bridesmaids wanting to get fit together, or work colleagues challenging yourselves to adopt a healthier lifestyle, or maybe you just want to join in with a bunch of other people to make exercise a bit more fun!
    Group sessions are designed to be progressive, with levels to match and challenge everyone's abilities - allowing you to work at your own pace!

  • Sports massage aids injury prevention, helps recovery of injury and can help to increase the quality and quantity of your training and performance. The deeper techniques used in a sports massage help breakdown fibrous tissues that may have developed following an injury or overuse. This fibrous tissue can restrict your range of movement and cause pain. By receiving regular sports massage, your awareness of your body will improve, allowing you to adapt your training sessions if needed. Stretching regularly at home is essential and a session will usually include advice and specific exercises where appropriate.


    Your first session will include a detailed consultation and postural assessment so that I can really focus on fixing the root of the problem, rather than just soothing any pain.


    1 hour: £65

    90 minutes: £90

  • Testimonials

    Don't just take my word for it...

    ​I got married last year and Libby's dedication, enthusiasm and understanding of all things 'fitness' was a god send when it came to preparing me for my big day ~ Laura

    Libby is a wonderful personal trainer, she is so positive and motivational I actually looked forward to training! From her specific exercises to hone and tone for a wedding to a pole dancing class that was so much fun but gave all my whole body an incredible work out. She is friendly, real and gets results! Couldn't speak more highly of her! ~ Lucy

    Fun, fit and feisty Libby Sheppard is full of sporting knowledge and training tips, ready to help motivate any one looking to improve themselves. Her supportive, intelligent and hands on approach is exactly what I needed to get my blood pumping and my body moving ~ Mark

    Libby had a real challenge with me, because I have always been a dancer... but I HATE EXERCISE and anything that is out of my comfort zone. I find it really hard to get motivated when it isn't a 'class'. Libby has taught me so much, and I now finally have a bum! It's given me the confidence I needed! 5* PT! ~ Jess

    As a more mature person I found training with Libby safe and fun, and she motivated me to take up running again; a sport I'd loved in my youth but never thought I could try again at this age! Regular attendance with 1-2-1 classes has kept me injury free and Libby has designed me a bespoke programme to help me achieve my short, medium and long term goals. I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I have in decades! This is indeed Happy Training ~ Penny

    I love my sessions with Libby! She has a great ability to understand goals and push me to where I need to go - the edge! ~ Phil

  • Costs

    Although I have set rates, I am willing to discuss different pricing options that are more suited to your income if necessary, please contact me for further information.

    Free of Charge

    Initial consultation: A 30 minute, structured talk session to work through your goals, motivations and barriers. Phone / Skype.


    One-to-One training, 1 hour session


    Health Assessment Session & Block of 10 One-to-One sessions


    Couples training, 1 hour session 


    Health Assessment Session & Block of 10 One-to-One sessions

    £20.00 per person

    Group training, minimum of 4 people, 1 hour session